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Bushcraft is a treasure trove of wisdom which reconnects us with the natural world and our ancestors. It teaches us to have respect for our surroundings, the environment and of course, every living thing which inhabits our very special planet.

Your personal bushcraft knife is a working tool - one which if well looked after, will become invaluable to you when experiencing outdoor living.  It will be used for everything from cutting food; creating cordage; making fire and crafting the most beautiful items - your personal bushcraft knife will become your trusted friend.

All knives are completely hand crafted by skilled knifesmith Scott Woolsgrove. Scott is happy to guide you through the choices available to you, so he can create a totally unique bushcraft knife just for you. Each knife and sheath is unique.  Please look through the website and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

This latest bespoke knife, was custom designed for Marcus and Joshua of Green Outdoor - tents, tipis, tarps and shelters.  The blade is D2 High Chromium Carbon Steel in 5mm with the handle from Buffalo Horn.  Mosaic lanyard tube and red vulcanised fibre liners, held in place with Nickel/Brass Loveless Bolts - stunning knives!


The photographs below are examples of each hand crafted SK Bushcraft Knife design. 

The BushMaster

The BushMaster is capable of all your bushcraft needs and will cope with being driven through small logs,to fine feather stick work, or for helping you make your bushcraft equipment. Although initially based on the famous Mears/Wood knife, I have changed the design of the blade to create a larger finger guard which I feel gives a much safer knife to use.


Blade Length: 115mm
Handle Length: 115mm

The BushMan

A shorter blade length than the BushMaster, and has a new design in the handle shape, which gives you maximum comfort in the hand giving you more control over the working edge with less fatigue.

Blade Length: 90mm
Handle Length: 110mm

The BushSkinner

The BushSkinner is a fantastic working tool designed to be used on smaller jobs such as carving spoons and other wonderful woodland crafts.  Ideal also for skinning prey.

Blade Length: 70mm
Handle Length: 110mm

The BushRunner

The best size knife for smaller work.  The design is suited to everyday woodland craft or whittling where more control is required for intricate use.  It has a thinner, narrower and curved grip and makes a perfect knife for the ladies - my lady uses the BushRunner knife for basket work.

Blade Length: 60mm
Handle Length: 110mm

The BushHunter

The BushHunter is designed with the hunter in mind.  Capable of all heavy work but with a slender blade and handle.  This knife can be used for everyday bushcraft tasks and is a well balanced knife, giving the best of both worlds when it comes to hunting, bushcraft or fishing.

Blade Length: 115mm
Handle Length: 115mm








Each knife is unique, etched with the knifesmith`s logo or personalised with your own initials if you prefer and comes with a one year warranty, knife care instructions,and a certificate of originality and authenticity.  You will also receive a beautiful sturdy leather hand stitched 3mm leather sheath.  The sheath is made with a right handed belt loop - if you prefer left handed, pleased let us know at time of order.

There is also a selection of fire steels with hand crafted handles; knife care kits, knife handle scales and bushcraft resin kits on the AVAILABLE NOW page