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The Exotic Wood Collection

Exotic woods, like Native woods, all vary from piece to piece in colour and grain, so rather than give you a colour chart, here is a brief description.  If there is a wood you particularly favour and its not listed, please let us know.

African Paduak
- Pterocarpus Soyauxii
Also known as African Coralwood, growing in West Africa, this tropical hardwood has a wonderful bright red to deep orange coloured heartwood with dark streaks and pale cream sapwood.

Bubinga - Guibourtia Demeusei
Bubinga is a beautiful wood originating from Africa, also known as African Rosewood.  The heartwood varies from reddish to pink brown, sometimes with darker brown stripes.  Sapwood is off white to pale brown.

Jatoba - Hymenaea Courbari
Commonly known as Brazilian Cherry (although not related to the Cherry), Jatoba varies in colour from rich red to reddish brown and will darken with age and exposure to sunlight.  The Jatoba tree produces an orange, resinous, sticky gum which converts to Amber through a chemical process that requires millions of years.

Lignum Vitae
- The name is Latin for 'wood of life' which derives from its medicinal uses.  It is hard, dense and durable and is the most dense of any known wood.  The heartwood is brown turning brown/dark green over time.  The sapwood is pale cream.  According to TH White`s version of the 'King Arthur Story', Lignum Vitae from which the staff of Merlin is made, has very magical powers.  Please note, we are lucky enough to have obtained a small piece of Lignum Vitae and it is incredibly difficult to get hold of - our supplier told us it will probably be another two years before he can source any more!  Please note - there is a £20 supplement for this wood.

Purpleheart - Peltogyne Venosa
Brazilian timber which is prized for its beautiful distinct purple heartwood which shows brown when first cut before turning rich purple on exposure to light.  Darkens to purple/brown over time.

Zebrano - Microberlinia Brazzavillensis
Zebrano is a tall tree (to 150ft) which grows in West Africa, mainly in Gabon and Cameroon.  It has honey brown heartwood with streaks of black and brown showing the 'zebra' stripes and is one of the most striking of the common exotic woods.