EarthCraftuk Community Interest Company

"To bring people back to nature by mastering traditional skills; achieving true sustainability and listening to the messages given through the seasonal cycles.  To give people the knowledge to reconnect themselves with nature to lead richer, healthier and happier lives with minimal impact on our planet."

We have the understanding that we, along with every human being, are just caretakers of this very special planet.  Through EarthCraftuk, we hope to play some small part in helping to create a world where the gifts of nature are sustained and enjoyed for generations to come.

An exciting programme of events and workshops in 300 acres of stunning privately owned ancient woodland near Canterbury in Kent:

    An exciting programme of events and workshops in 300 acres of stuning ancient woodland near Canterbury, Kent:

    * Bushcraft & survival skills
    * Rural & woodland crafts
    * Youth bushcraft
    * Archery
    * Forest Schools with accredited programmes for KS3 & KS4
    * Corporate and group events
    * CPD Days and events
    * Bushcraft & Forest Schools practitioner training

Giving people the skills and knowledge to deepen their understanding and relationship with nature

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