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The Blade

I create all my blades by hand from raw bar stock - although very time consuming, the achieved results speaks for itself.

You have a choice of O1 High Carbon Tool Steel, RWL 34 Stainless Steel; 12c27 Stainless Steel; or Damascus Steel when I can get it!  Once I have cut by hand, I carry out several heat treatment processes in order to create a blade which is strong, durable and has the ability to hold a lasting razor sharp edge. 


The blade has a Scandinavian single bevel polished edge, achieved by the use of a traditional method of sharpening using 400, 800, 1200 and then 6000 grit Japanese Waterstones. The rest of the blade is given a high grit satin finish on which my logo or your personalised initials are etched.


It is important to maintain your bushcraft knife in order to keep its high quality.  When you receive your knife, the blade will be coated in a silicone oil, V80 oil, or a good high quality gun oil to protect it from any corrosion. We recommend you keep a thin coating of the oil on the blade.  When the knife needs sharpening, carefully, remove the oil from the blade with Acetone or soapy water and a soft cloth.  Our recommendations are the use of a 1200 grit Japanese Waterstone to bring the blade back to a razor sharp edge. An additional 6000 grit Waterstone can be used to polish the egde and the final honing is achieved by the use of a leather strop. 


Coming soon... a short video demonstration of knife sharpening.