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The choice of handle material, means different things to different people.  Some prefer to choose by colour, others prefer to base their selection on a personal favourite, spiritual meaning or folklore however, you would be forgiven if you thought it was "just a handle"!!!!!

Each handle is sculpted and sanded by hand to achieve a beautiful smooth finish and secured to the full tang with either mosaic, brass, copper/stainless steel pins or loveless bolts.  Vulcanised fibre liners are secured between the blade and the handle - we`ll use whichever colour complements the knife.


The timber range is based on home-grown timbers felled as part of approved forestry and licensing schemes.  The exotic woods from warmer climes, are dry, stable and from sustainable sources.  Purchased from an excellent local supplier Stiles & Bates who are always adding new stock.  There are many woods to choose from - if you have a particular preference in mind - please just ask.


I treasure the beauty and warmth of natural wood,which is why I prefer to work mainly with wood for the handles of my bushcraft knives. The selection of woods and materials on the following pages, for me, have produced beautiful, stable and long lasting bushcraft knife handles.